“I wanted to send a quick thank you for all of your efforts in the preparation and assistance with our sergeants testing process. The Evaluator Instruction Manuals were well prepared and accurate. I thank your organization of the manuals and the level of comprehensiveness they contained, provided our evaluators with a solid foundation to which they could accurately assess our candidates. Our assessors had a vague understanding of our department and the manuals were able to outline our organizational structure and give them guidance into the process that was to take place. So again, I thank you for that.”

“Chief Field’s oral interview questions were able to test and pull from the candidates the qualities and characteristics that our Chief was looking for. During my brief phone conversations with Chief Field, it was obvious that he was very experienced and passionate about providing questions that accurately solicited our desired attributes.”

“Overall, each candidate we debriefed after the process overwhelmingly said that they thought the process was challenging, but very fair. This is a testament to being able to work cooperatively with a company, RMA, to ensure a fair, accurate and thorough process as we build our leadership team to serve our community for many years to come.”

Lieutenant Chris Porter, Abington Township, PA, Police Department, 11/4/2019